Custom Discord Bots

Ever wanted your own Discord bot?

Ever wanted your own Discord bot? For the world to use, or just your own servers?

Well now you can! We offer Custom Discord Bots at cheap prices. We build all our bots to order, to exactly what you need. We can create whatever kind of bot you need. Fill Out This Form To Apply & Get A Quote!

Free Hosting

We'll Host Your Bot For Free

Quick Build Time

We can Built Most Bots Within An Hour!

Amazing Pricing

With Most Bots Costing Less Than $5, We Make To Easy For Anyone To Have Their Own Discord Bot

Why Have A Custom Bot

Better Looking

It looks better to have 1 bot with a custom name than to use standard Discord Bots like MEE6, Dyno, Rythm.

Full Of Features

Wish you could find a bot with a certain feature? We'll make it!


We offer full support on our bots. Just ask us in our Discord server!


Have Multiple Servers? Want A Way Of Syncing Roles, Warns, Ban etc.? We've got you covered!

Apply for A BOT

Drop us a line!

Even Better, Join Our Discord For A One-On-One Conversation and To Test Your Bot

What You Get

Once The Payment Has Been Made, You'll get an email with a list of commands for your bot, a support server for it, a link to add your bot to servers, and how to change the bot's icon and username.

Want It Edited?

We can add, edit and remove features any time. Just ask in our Discord server.